Heliopan 67mm Close Up 3 Filter 706729/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー HP67CU3-カメラ用交換レンズ

HELIOPAN close-up lenses are used when the closest focusing distance needs to be extended into the close-up area These convex lenses (plus) shorten the focal length at the same focus setting. They are supplied in the most popular screw-in push-on drop-in and bayonet sizes. Close-up lenses can be used in combination. To avoid edge unhappiness one should stop down to at least F 5 6 or F 8 No exposure correction is necessary. The following strengths are available: NIL 1.0 NL 2 0 NL 3 0 NL 4 0.!